A new adventure… or three…

We’re Mandy, Carrie and Britany and this is Chic Toro.

Where did Chic Toro come from? After trying a series of terribly embarrassing mash ups of our initials (CAB), motivational clichés (Next Stop Success anyone?), and random yet wonderful words (Quixotic?), we decided to play with locations. Mandy and Britany are in the Chicago-land area and Carrie has headed for the hills of Toronto. Thus, Chic Toro was born.

We met at The Harrington College of Design while commiserating over an absentee instructor but what bonded us was our penchant for late nights. Carrie, a maniac of a student, Britany worked full time, and Mandy worked way more than full time so we spent many nights in the computer lab racing to finish projects and getting to know each other.

You know how New York is the city that never sleeps? Downtown Chicago, or the Loop, is the exact opposite. Our evening classes started at 5:30 p.m. leaving Jimmy John’s (open ‘til 9) and 7 Eleven (until 11) our only options… ugh! Often we would be the only ones in the lab and would sneak down passed security and back in without being noticed. (A hard feat seeing that we giggled all the way there and back.) And just like that, many new and wonderful friendships grew.  We will always remember our early days: walking to 7 Eleven on winter nights in a creepily deserted downtown searching for Hostess products and stale coffee.

We all eventually graduated, went down different paths, and reunite here to share our story; what’s working, what didn’t, and a bunch of little things in between.  There are so many design blogs by so many amazing, established, designers but we weren’t seeing anyone on their journey. We wanted to see the adventure itself, whatever that may mean. So that’s what we’re going to share here on Chic Toro; just our lives, after college.


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