Introducing Britany

Let’s start with: I didn’t always want to be an interior designer.


I wanted to be an actress! From an early age I had a flair for the dramatical (not a real word). My family is made up of incredibly smart and talented individuals. IT directors, large scale phone techs, engineers, etc, etc, etc. Then there was me. I starred in plays and was a Character Counts Cheerleader (don’t ask). My family had no idea what to do with me but they sat front row to all of my performances and never failed to support whatever new form of artistic expression I felt the need to undertake. Around about eighth grade, I declared that I was going to be an actress to which my mother responded, “Who’s gonna pay for that?!” And that’s pretty much it.  I didn’t spend my childhood rearranging my bedroom or any other part of the house. I wanted to be an actress and then I didn’t.


At some point during high school, I started to truly believe is that our surroundings can have an effect on how we feel about ourselves and that in turn can effect who we become. I had richer friends and poorer friends, so I was able to see first -hand that it didn’t matter how much money we did or didn’t have, we could still make a house feel like a home. I got into Harrington College of Design; it was number two in the nation at the time, just before I started my senior year of high school.

I started working for my local municipality as a temp and that somehow morphed into a full time job on top of full time school. It was hard and draining and, though I have nothing but fond memories of college, I feel like I didn’t sleep for 5 years. School was amazing though, and what had originally started as a solution to not being able to go to acting school became something I cared about and wanted to do. I still work for the same municipality but I also do design on the side. I hope someday I’ll be designing full time. We’ll see….


I got the idea to do this blog because I wasn’t doing a very good job of maintaining my own. Carrie and Mandy were the first people I thought of because I love them and they are both extremely and intimidatingly talented. Never be the best in the room, right?

Well here I am two years after graduation and I’ve had some pretty great opportunities. Now I’m just looking toward the future, scared of what’s next and ready to share.


I hope you stick around.  – Britany

PS. Check out my website yo:


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