The What If game….

I don’t really like this game. Mainly because it depresses me and depressed me isn’t a whole lot of fun, just ask my friend Chris (inside joke wink). Alas alack there are a few things that I would do differently if I could rewind to high school graduation and start all over again.


Me, parents, and mon frere

Numero 1: I would have worked  part time instead of full time all through college. After graduation I started as a temp for the organization that I still work for. When I got the chance at a full time position that had hours that would afford me the ability to stay in school, I jumped at it. I don’t love my job but I’ve never hated it and it has allowed me to purchase my condo, and pay my bills, and just be the all around self-sufficient young woman that I am. It also put me in a position to be unable to take a traditional internship or accept a wonderful design industry, crap-paying job right out of college because I need to pay for my condo and my bills and be all around self-sufficient.


Numero 2: My internship. My work schedule didn’t allow for me to have a traditional internship. I had an instructor who allowed me to intern for him. At the same time I was working tirelessly on Studio SLK so he allowed me to use that time as internship credit too. What was awesome was that he met with me and went over my plans and bids, he answered any questions and made suggestions. It was great but I would have liked to experience some of the things some of my friends got to do. Ya know, like coffee runs and collating.


me and Father.

Numero 3: I would have been more discriminating in the instructors I took classes with. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my full time job dictated my schedule. So most of the classes I took were just because that was what fit. If I could go back, I would have waited to take a class or two until I got the instructor I wanted/was referred. Then again, it already took me 5 years to get my Bachelors, who knows how much longer I would have been in school. I’d probably STILL be in school!


Me and Mother

And since I like the number three, that’s where I’ll stop. Cause I can go on for days but I graduated. So I guess all’s well that ends… with this face…


Me and that diploma yo

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3 thoughts on “The What If game….

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  2. Shanee says:

    I’ve never been a blog person, but I find this blog very interesting. Love it!

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