I often think about what I could do differently in everyday life. Quite possibly, I obsess over it. If I could rewind yesterday, I wouldn’t have consumed almost an entire bag of barbeque chips. If I could rewind the last year, I wouldn’t have listened to my doctor when she told me I had bum ovaries. Soon after, I had morning sickness, swollen ankles, and a baby!

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As for college ….

1. I should have taken more classes in my first year. Advisors at HCD convinced me that the studio classes were so much work, that I could only take two at a time. My first year of college was the only year that I wasn’t working part time. So, I definitely could have taken more classes. My last semester of college I was taking 18 credit hours, working overnight waitressing shifts, and commuting to the suburbs for my internship. It was rough.

2. I would have forgotten all about boys! When I started college, I was a mess for my high school sweetheart. I would jump at the chance to get to spend even an ounce of time with him. Then, I later got entangled with my current boyfriend and father of my child. Although I regret none of this girly nonsense, it was FAR TOO distracting. Sounds lame, but it’s so true. Skipping class to spend the day in bed with a boy, only makes you fall behind and the most common side effect is pregnancy.

3. I could have immersed myself in the design world. By the time I was in my last semester of college I was eating, sleeping, and breathing design. I put my love life on pause and really focused on school. I had a strong interest in education design and began to research the market sector constantly.  I even spent a day at an architecture firm that specialized in it. If I would have been this way all 3.5 years of college, I think I may have not only gained more knowledge and confidence, but I’d be in a better place in my career now.

4. I would have actually interned somewhere that I could see myself working. (I interned at a Kohler showroom.)

5. Took more gen-ed classes at community college, to save money.

6. Spent more time on my portfolio.

7. Spent more time talking to some of my amazing teachers about their professional experiences and forged closer relationships with them. (It would make asking for letters of recommendation for grad school or jobs a lot easier as well!)

I could go on and on and on, but as Carrie said in her post, no regrets! If I would have been an interior design freak from the beginning, I probably wouldn’t have too many friends now and I would be bald from all of the stress. I also may not have met all of the wonderful people that I worked with at IHOP, Freshii, and Sears. I forged some of the best relationships and learned so much from the people I met at these places. I cannot imagine life without them.


2 thoughts on “ShouldaCouldaWoulda

  1. Karina Bueno says:

    Oohhh!Mandy I’m crying is so true ;-( now that I’m in College I understand every single word in your writing…. Congratulations for your career development as a professional Interior Designer and as a new AWESOMW mom….
    your Freshii friend. 🙂

    • swtmandyb says:

      This was wonderful to read! I’m so glad that you are pursuing your dreams and starting your career as well! I wish you the best of luck! I miss you all the time!
      Thank you for reading!!!

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