On to the next one

2013 was an insane year! I feel as though I didn’t accomplish much, but I certainly accomplished more this past year than any other.

  1. July 2013 marked one year of working full time in the Interior Design industry as a retail planner! Whew! I am so grateful to have broken into the industry and started my career. I am always looking to grow and I hope that things only go up from here!
  2. My very first art exhibition! Finding and booking a venue, creating enough pieces, coordinating with Evelina, food, setup, invites …. all the while growing a baby. It was insane, but it was truly a success!  I am quite the realist and I often think my dreams are just unattainable. This exhibition taught me so much about myself and my capabilities as an artist. It also motivated me to start selling my digital prints on Society6! (Below is a tote bag with my “We Are Young” print on it!)young
  3. This blog! It is so new and we are so green as bloggers, but I have already gained so much from reevaluating the topics we’ve covered so far! I’m excited to watch Chic I Toro grow.
  4. And last … giving birth to the happiest and most beautiful little baby I know, Abella Marie! Every time I look at her, numbers 1-3 on this list are an afterthought. I have never obsessed over another human being as much as I do over my daughter and she has only been on this Earth for five months. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


All this being said, I have high hopes for 2014. As a wise rapper with very large lips once said, “On to the next one!”


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