Sources of Inspiration

There are many sources of inspiration that propel people to success.  Over the course of the next 3 weeks Britany, Mandy and I will be discussing a few people that motivate and inspire us.

In the 19th century there was an architect named William Morris who believed in creating beautiful and quality products that were affordable for everyone. There are many designers that are still practicing the philosophy of William Morris today and Sarah Richardson is one of my favourites.


Sarah is a Canadian designer who currently is the host and designer of HGTV’s Real Potential.  While juggling the many aspects of a remarkably successful television career, she still finds time to run her Toronto-based interior design firm, Sarah Richardson Design. Sarah got her start as a prop artist, with the world catching its first glimpse of her unique talent through her TV show Design Inc., where a camera crew followed her as she helped real life clients through all aspects of the design process.  She has gone on to host other successful shows including Sarah’s House  (1-4)  and Sarah 101. Just when you thought she had done it all, she recently expanded into the world of textiles with her own line through Kravet, an American textiles company.

How this applies to me…

I have been following Sarah’s career for years now and she was the one who inspired me to go back to school to complete my BFA. Sarah worked hard to build a successful career in a very challenging industry, starting with a small Canadian footprint, then eventually expanding her brand across North America.  As I begin to build my career in Toronto and Chicago, I look to her success for motivation and inspiration.

Another thing that inspires me about Sarah is her design aesthetic – her ability to design and remodel practically anything. From a bargain chair found at a local auction or an original piece of furniture, she sees beauty in almost everything. My vision is to create inspiring spaces that are beautiful, yet functional for my clients.

It can be challenging to find inspiration from people in this industry, let alone having to choose a single individual. The motivation to succeed can come from people and their career success, but artistic inspiration can come from many sources – for example, the way the sun casts a shadow or the way sound reflects in an empty hall.  I find Sarah’s career success as a female, Canadian designer to be inspirational, but I also find artistic inspiration through her practical style and creativity.

– Carrie

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