Inspiration station…

Let’s talk about inspiration shall we?

Carrie talked about Sarah Richardson already but I just want to take a moment to co-sign on her awesomeness. Sarah Richardson is seriously talented and I kind of want to be her. There’s this t.v. channel called HGTV, maybe you’ve heard of it, and I’m not a HUGE fan but I’ve really enjoyed the shows she has done.  I just think she is the real deal. Her and Candace Olsen. Her, Candace Olsen, and Emily Henderson.

So I’ve given so much thought to what I want my personal aesthetic to be but the fact is, my aesthetic tends to be whatever preference my current client has at the moment. Recently it’s been kind of bohemian because that is the kind of space I’ve been working on. All that to say, I’m going to show you some people that have DEFINITE design aesthetics that I am crushing on right now. Some of them are professionals, some not, but they are all inspiring. Fa sho.

First up: Black and white interiors. I am NOT a black and white person. I love color. I need to be surrounded by it, clothed in it, ingesting it. But I have been obsessed with black and white spaces lately.  In my dreams, I am the kind of woman who can live in black and white. I imagine these women, who I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, to be crazy stylish and sophisticated in ways that I couldn’t even begin to understand. I imagine that we are all friends and their glorious-ness rubs off on me and then I’m amazing too. Sigh… I’ll keep dreaming.


 Anna of Door Sixteen is a black and white connoisseur and I love it.

Nina of Stylizmo. Seriously chic.


Have you EVER seen a more comfortable looking bed?! Jennifer over at A Merry Mishap


Same chick, different room…. I want to vacation in her home. Indefinitely.

Second up, my ever present need to be eclectic. My favorite spaces end up being a mash-up of different colors, time periods, and wonderfully random objects. My own home is nice and random and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The below picture makes me want to simplify my palate tho. Totes.

Brynn Dunn of Brynn Alexandra

The next few pictures are of a space done by the super talented Cindy Bardes Interiors in Winnetka, IL.  I secretly want to take over her life. She owns a design firm, a store, and she travels like it’s going out of style. All things I’m down with. Think anyone will notice?

C’est tout! Until next time

– Brit


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