Dream a Little Dream…

Champagne taster, personal Ferrari shopper, vacation tester and toy maker for the extremely wealthy are just a few of the the world’s coolest jobs.

champagne taster

These are actual jobs that people do!?! I just finished reading an article about a company that was looking for “professional sleepers”, otherwise known as bed and pillow testers. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? (Pun intended) Seriously, people do these jobs… and make money!?! My dreams are way too small. Though now thanks to this little thing called the “internet” my eyes have been opened to a vast number of career opportunities that I previously did not know existed. Britany, Mandy and I will be exploring our dream jobs/careers over the next 3 weeks.

In terms of the best job on the planet, I would want to be one of the very talented people chosen for the Pantone Panel that selects the “Colour of the Year”.

For the past 50 years Pantone has sequestered the world’s top designers from across a number of industries in an undisclosed European city to decide the colour that will influence us in every aspect of our lives, from fashion to interiors to consumer product marketing. These specially selected designers scour the world for colour inspirations and then give the world a reason why they have chosen said colour. Most recently “Radiant Orchid”  was the chosen hue, because it is a “colour that sparks the imagination“,  whereas the previous year the colour emerald was chosen due to it being a “luminous, magnificent hue, the colour of beauty, new life and prosperity“.

Radiant Orchid

Personally, I am not fond of the colour itself (said the girl who may have just purchased a chevron scarf in said hue and didn’t realize it until this moment!), but you can’t get it right every year…

Now if I cannot be one of the people who selects the colour of the year, I want to be a “Professional Paint Namer”. Yup, there is a person out there who gets to do that! I have no idea how to get the job and maybe should have done a teensy more research before writing this post. Guess I will have to make a special trip down to my local Benjamin Moore store and make some inquiries. This is going to sound cheesy, but I get all sparkly-eyed when I think about having the ability to evoke a thought or emotion with a simple name and inspire a person to paint a room or object that colour. Dill Pickle, Trench Coat, Espresso Bean and Paris Rain are just a few of my favourite names.

Many years ago I worked for a custom drapery shop. When new bolts of fabric came in, the staff would get giddy and the competition would begin; who could come up with the best new fabric names? Rubber Ducky, Albatross, Smog and PEI Clay are just a few examples of our brilliance.

Now with the little practice I have had and the enjoyment I have taken out of it, I really believe it is something I could be very successful at. Now to figure out how to make it happen.

Cheers – Carrie


One thought on “Dream a Little Dream…

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