A girl can dream…

It’s really hard to come up with just one dream, to focus in on just one thing that I want to do with me life. It does, however, occur to me that a singular focus is almost certainly what leads to success. Probably why I’m not successful just yet. YET.

I had this post pretty much written in my head prior to seeing Carrie’s but once I saw that “professional sleeping” was a thing I was destroyed. Completely devastated that I didn’t know. Let me tell you, my life’s trajectory would be COMPLETELY different. So while I look into changing my career course, here are a few things that over the years I’ve thought I’d like to do (besides design of course).

I would love to own my own restaurant/hoity toity bar. This dream comes from a love of food and drink. I am not a great cook. I do alright, as my boyfriend can attest, but I have no idea how to create the culinary delights I’ve experienced in  this wonderfully windy city. What I do know is that I love to eat and drink yummy things in a place that is comfortable, well designed, and plays great music. Owning a restaurant would mix things that I love; design, food, drink, and music.

I want to own a store. I’m not much interested I clothing but I’d love to have home decor items, some furniture pieces, and then some fashion accessories- scarves, jewelry, etc. I love shopping as much as the next girl and I am always looking for a store that is my aesthetic at my price point. If I am being honest, I’d probably trump up that price point over time/stock higher end items over time. But I just think it would so much fun to be able to buy things I love and then not have to keep them. My house is only so big. Selling at a profit? Serious bonus. I’m kinda obsessed with The White Attic in Ansersonville. They sell refinished furniture. They have an all natural process and are really talented. I’m working on stealing the ENTIRE store.

This baby is a beauty. I love purses. And shoes. And clothes. And jewelry. But for the sake of this post let’s talk clutches. I love them. They are cute, fancy little purse like things that can really pump up the volume on an outfit and I kinda want to make them. By the way, my handmade clutches could totally be sold in my store. They would be super simple, because I like simplicity, and they would be made from any fabric I came across and loved. And ZIPPERS! I would have the cutest zippers! I NEED to learn how to sew.

So there you have it. Three dreams that are not at all related and would take completely different sets of skills than the set that I currently have but hey, a girl can dream…

Until next time,



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