5 minutes with Brian Naglich…


Let’s hear it for the boys! After three amazing interviews with three amazing ladies I looked around and said we need some TESTOSTERONE up in this piece!  Enter Brian Naglich of Reed R Krueger & Associates.


I met Brian in historical Preservation and Restoration. We were a tiny class with a adorable, and super knowledgable, instructor. We all bonded during evening fieldtrips, beer, and pizza. Brian is one of the least irritating people I’ve ever met. Ha, is that a thing? Anyway, like most people I went to school with, I don’t keep up as much as I should but we’re going to fix that, right Brian?

  1.        How did you find your new job?

Networking.  I networked a lot and still haven’t stopped. Networking  is seriously the most important thing you can do in our business. I worked during  [college] in un-paid internships at the mart, went to industry parties, volunteered, etc. Whatever I could do, I did it. I paid my dues, and I’m still paying them. Luckily, I met some really great mentors who connected me with a couple high-end interior designers in Chicago, which is how I found my last job at Marshal Morgan Erb Design and my current job at Reed R. Krueger & Associates.

  1.        What are some of the perks of your job?

I work for a really small high-end residential firm so […] I literally work on anything and everything with a lot of freedom in my schedule. I handle the business side of our company: I do all the renderings, AutoCad drawings, and assist my boss with designing spaces. I shop the Mart, go to jobsites, and assist with presentations. I do all of our marketing, design our website, and handle our social media presence. I love having a hand in all aspects of the business, even though at the end of the day I do feel quite exhausted.


  1.        Give us two tips for up and comers.

DO- Network, network, network. I hate to sound like a broken record but it is vitally important. More important than anything in your portfolio at his point in my experience. I’m not saying your portfolio is not important, but even the most stellar work is useless if no one is looking at it.

DON’T- Be too proud. […] Stay grounded and realize that more tenured designers have great insight that comes from years of experience. Listen to your superiors. Happily do grunt work.


  1.        Who and what inspires you?

Restrictions and boundaries inspire me. My job as a designer is to ASSIST and  HELP clients create the spaces that are right for THEM. I become more creative when I’m confined and when boundaries are in place.

  1.        What is your biggest design mistake?

Not listening to my gut instinct. I have been learning that my initial reactions and feelings towards things are usually right. When I don’t listen to myself I end up over-complicating things.

  1.        Describe your personal style in 5 words.

Understated, collected, eclectic, timeless, and detail oriented.


  1.        What are your favorite go-to shopping spot?

Antique stores and thrift stores. I rarely shop at retail stores. I love going to a store and not knowing what you are going to find. PLUS, you get way better quality furniture for about the same price as the new stuff if you know where to look!

  1.        What would you do to create a big impact in a room?

I am seriously DYING to do some intense color in a space! Can somebody please call me and let me do this?! I love color and color can be a great way to create drama and interest! I am very tired of taupe, gray, ecru, and beige. Everybody in the Midwest seems to be afraid of color. Any color brave souls out there?


  1.        Patterns or solids?

Both? Personally, I like it best when you have a majority of one or the other. I love how intense both extremes are; so dramatic. A little but of both in a space looks ok, but I’m not really in the business of okay. I’m in the business of exceptional!

And the medal for the best closing line goes too….

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