A project and a shameless plug!

Hey peeps! Sorry for the delay this week, the three of us have yet to make any sort of emergency contingency for what to do when we are all SUPA busy. Womp. We’re learning as we go, sue us.

So! In addition to full service design and hourly services, I also provide a service that I will one day come up with a clever name for. Basically, I give my client a plan to implement in their space themselves. This usually consists of an initial meeting where we flesh out what their aesthetic is, what they want for their space, etc. Then I go and create a plan for their space. It’s way more detailed than I would do if I were doing it myself because where as I can see the finished space in my head, they cannot. I give a space plan, elevations, sketches (I’m no Brian Naglich), and I source all the furniture and stuff. While my goal will always be to provide full service, I like these projects too and I think it’s important to provide a client with services at a price point they can afford.


I just finished one of these projects and I had so much fun doing it. I’ve known client Wonderful for a while now through our hair stylist and when she called me for a consult I was really excited to work with her.  We discussed what her style was and decided on “global industrial with a feminine twist”.  Awesome right?

west sketch             east sketch

It turned out really great, mostly because she already had some idea of what she wanted. Also, she was able to tell me why she likes the things she likes. This is SO important. I often tell my clients that I need to know why they like something because it’s the only way to get any real understanding of their taste. If you like a chair, is it ONLY the color? Only the shape? In client Wonderful’s case, if she could nap on it, she could live with it ha! Anyway, now I’m rambling.

mood board

Now for the shameless plug: I have new pictures up on my website! I just finished a kitchen/dining/living room in Evanston.  I shared it on my personal blog here. And you can check out more pictures in my portfolio here.


Until next time. Live beautifully,



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