Quick and dirty…

I had the most exhausting last few weeks, I can’t even tell you.  Anniversary parties, weddings, showers, constructions projects, and work on a home that’s being built by scratching… or from scratch…. I’m too tired right now to understand the difference…. So in honor of me SERIOUSLY envying Sleeping Beauty, we got a quick and dirty post for ya this morning.  Quick and dirty refers to length and the topic! I realized that as I typed it. This is a true statement. You want to know another one? I. NEED. COFFEE. In the WORST way….

Today we’re talking about a service I’ve seen pick up a lot lately over at Patricia Shevane Interiors and that is my hourly service. I know I’ve discussed my Digital Designer service before (how do you feel about that name? Snazzy enough?) but this one is even more inexpensive because it is  consulting for a specific period of time at an hourly rate. So many different clients with so many different circumstances can benefit from something like this.


World Market- Sedgewick Coffee Table

For instance, I have a client that has hired me for full service in the past. This time around, she doesn’t have the budget to have me do the space she wants done. So this time, she opted to pay me for a few hours of my time and just pick my brain and brainstorm ideas for the room that she can then implement on her own. Obviously, this only applies for decorating as I would never tell a client to move a wall, electrical, plumbing, or etc. on without the assistance of a professional. This situation is more like the following:

Client: How should I set up my furniture?

ME: Like so!

Client: What do you think of these lamps?

ME: NO! Oh my eyes!*

*This really happened. Okay, maybe I said it a little nicer but we both had a good laugh at the expense of my client’s pineapple lamps. Pineapple. Lamps.


West Elm- Sedgewick Recliner

A La Carte is the client’s dime and the client’s time. We can do whatever it is they need assistance with. I can give advice on organization, furniture lay out, wall colors, etc. Recently, a client paid me to go shopping with her. She paid me for an additional hour ahead of time so that I could preselect items at the stores we were going to. Once we arrived, all we really had to do is take a look in person, put all of the items together to get a feel for how they would look in the space, and make her purchases.  It turned out to be an excellent use of time and her living room is coming along great.

glass table

Crate and Barrel- Structure Square Coffee Table


What’s really great is that at the end of our time together, the client has a rough plan for their space (it’s not nearly as flushed out as the Digital Designer service) but it still allows the client to get some ideas and some questions answered by a professional. And that, mi amigos,  is never a bad thing.

What services do you provide? What efforts have you made to reach clients at all income levels?


Until next time Chic Toro family, live beautifully,



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