Moving is so fun …


This past weekend we moved into a new apartment in the city. It was really tough to look at places 45 mins from home, work full time and work around Brandon’s work schedule …

 Then we met an angel named Pete, at Quantum Apartments. This guy worked day and night to get us a fabulous apartment. I’ve never had a better experience working through a rental agent in my life. We couldn’t have done it without him!


   Before moving in we did an IKEA trip and were just bursting with excitement because of the endless possibilities for furniture configurations and decor …. We’ve never had so much space to work with! 

Then reality set in as we moved in. Our office has no outlets!! The room we were going to put the window a/c unit in, has no outlets! (It’s an extremely old building.) What are we going to do with our old TV stand? What are we going to do with all of these freshly painted green walls? What are we going to so with all of these custom painted (by me) furniture pieces that do NOT go with the green walls …

The good news is, I got these adorable new dining chairs!


As I get creative and find some solutions for our new home, I will be posting before and after photos and DIY tutorials! Now I must go unpack more stuff with the best unpacker I know!Image

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