Out With The Old…

Can you feel it? There is slight warming-up in temperature and the sun is shining a teensy bit longer each day. I am not sure about where you live but the people of Toronto seem to have a bit more bounce in their steps too. It is official, Spring has finally arrived! And it’s time to do a little spring cleaning!




I live in an 800 square foot apartment. One would think there would be not too much to clean, but after a very long winter everything is feeling a little unruly. I always begin with my bedroom closet. I start there because it is the easiest and the most fun. I get to try everything on; which leads to a fashion show. And who does not think a fashion show is fun!? Once the bedroom is complete I move to the kitchen. Organizing that cupboard filled with containers that never seem to have a matching lids. Lastly is the dreaded living room/office space. I have allotted 10-ish square feet as the “official” office space, and I am slightly embarrassed to report it has started to takeover my living room table and my kitchen table… sigh.




As you can see above, I have not been able to come up with an organizational plan that works. I dream of a neat and tidy office space. Unfortunately, I am unable to maintain the dream for very long. Shortly after being tidied everything ends up in piles scattered around the house. Here are a few ideas that could help make any home office a little less cluttered, slightly more efficient and little more fun.

Use the space as its was intended. This means do not use your kitchen table as your desk, or your living room as your dressing room. If “space” is not a luxury, try and maintain spaces by using dividers to define a space. This could mean using a physical room barrier such as a screen or the placement of a piece of furniture such as a sofa to create a division in space. This sounds simple but even I struggle with it. As I am typing this I am doing so from my sofa not my desk, maybe once I clean my desk off I will be able to use it as a work space again.




Put a shelf on it! Use your walls people. They are not just places to hang pretty pictures. Maybe the image below is a bit extreme but you get the point. In small spaces you need to utilize your walls and maximize your storage. Doing so will help keep you organized. I lack storage which is where the chaos stems from. I would love to put shelves up but drilling holes in my apartment walls gives me and my apartment deposit heart palpitations. For now it’s wishful thinking.





Once you have a created a place to store everything then you can buy a few fun items such as these Kate Spade cute gold striped folders which are the only thing motivating me to clean off my desk.


Happy cleaning – Carrie


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