Neocon 2014

Remember when you were in grade school and you had a field trip coming up? The night before the trip you were so excited you could barely sleep! That is EXACTLY how I feel about Neocon! The latest textile and furniture designs on display and inviting you to touch them, take pictures of them and sit on them … Pens, samples, treats, beverages, and BAGS for the taking … It is like a carnival for designers, without the rusty tilt-o-whirl and overpriced corn dogs!  What more could I want?

The most commonly featured products are for office environments. Office chairs, desk systems, and lounge chairs GALORE. This was my first time attending Neocon, while working in an office. It was quite a tease. I work amongst the mundane, neutral colored cubicles, all placed in nice neat rows. Neocon featured so many clever and interesting ways to make the office environment just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Take a look!

Key features of the desk system below —

  • closed storage
  • rolling storage, that also acts as a bench
  • connects at a wider angle (rather than typical 90 degrees) to create a more open workspace
  • pop of color! (Lovin’ the magenta!!)



This funky ergonomic chair actually wasn’t all that comfortable. Other butts may beg to differ!


This was one of my favorites!! Imagine having meetings in this conference room!

  • cozy chairs
  • outlets built into the sides of the table for your laptop
  • adorable lighting on the table to keep from nodding during a presentation!

I would certainly be excited to schedule a meeting in a room like this!



Now for some of the more random finds!



The classiest Ping Pong table in the world.


The ottoman on this lounge chair folds up into the seat to make for a higher chair.

A desk and chair mounted to the ceiling!

Britany Scurry standing on the ceiling!

Britany had a character drawn of herself!

Britany had a character drawn of herself!

Private lounge seating! You'd be amazed at how much sounds is blocked!

Private lounge seating! You’d be amazed at how much sounds is blocked!

Our first experience using an oxygen bar!!

Our first experience using an oxygen bar!!




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