Texas- It’s like a whole other country…

I went to Texas this weekend for a delightful mix of business and pleasure. This is actually my 3rd trip in the last 6 months but it’s all been pretty tight-lipped until now. What can I say about Texas…. I find it really pretty. Sprawling overgrown land between the house and Walmart. I’m down. That said the Chicagoan in me hates driving 30-45 minutes through the pretty, sprawling, overgrown land to get EVERYWHERE. I missed walking to the bar or taking a ten minute drive to ANYWHERE. And Chicago has better food; BBQ included. THERE! I said it!

Bright side is I’ve been working on this lovely 3700 square foot house from square one. Making decisions on everything from exterior brick to interior paint. It’s been…daunting but a new experience for me and I LOVE new experiences. Now that the house is built and inhabited, I now have the pleasure of making it into a home.


I’ll be mainly focusing on the main level for the time being. Phase Two (construction was Phase One) will encompass the entry, dining, living, kitchen, two offices, and the master suite. I have a CRAZY list of furniture that needs to be purchased and things that need to be done.

This trip, I really wanted to stand in the space and get a feel for it. Some designers can do Full Service without ever stepping foot in the space, and maybe one day I’ll be that awesome, but I’m not quite there yet. I spent this weekend getting some odds and ends but really I wanted to see if the furniture I selected was goings to feel right. Also some things had been delivered that I wanted to get my hands on, in case they needed to go back.

I got a chance to get quotes on blinds, drapery, upholstery, paint, and backsplash tile. Here is the tile we’re pretty set on. The glass mosaic is going to cover most of the wall and we have a nice stone and trim piece for the accent over the range. I’m not sure my iPhone picture really does it justice, but the tile really brings out the subtlest hint of green I the granite. It’s just happy-making!



Meanwhile, I just couldn’t help myself and HAD to style the island. The thing is giant and was begging for a flower arrangement. Enter Kroger with 2 for $7 gladiolas and $5 hydrangeas. I bought those vases at Home Goods and they are working it. It looks so great. I can’t wait until the rest of kitchen is completed. Yes that iPad is displaying a shameless plug for my website.




This last picture is ALL about pleasure. Wish I could remember the name of this place because the food was delicious. That’s a Dos Equis margarita. Obvi. I have a ton of work in front of me, so I’ll bid you adieu.

Live beautifully,






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