Girls just wanna have fun…

I’ve been dying to do a little girl’s bedroom for a while now. I really wanted to design something powder pink but sophisticated and fun. I even tried to get my cousin to have a child so that I could fulfill this wish. She, being the SELFISH person that she is, declined to help.  I’m working on a few different projects right now, but wouldn’t ya know one of them is a little girls room?! I’m entirely too excited. Her name is Jordin, she’s 8 and stylish, and we’ve already started.

When her parents first purchased their new home, she asked me herself if I could help her design it and I was/am only too happy to oblige. About a week later, she sent me this inspiration picture in a text that read, “I want this to be the design for my room”. She found the picture on Pinterest. She’s eight people.


I love the space! Kid’s got style. Her favorite parts were that it’s not pink (sigh), she loves the way it’s painted, and she wants that exact lighting fixture. I’ll quote her mother, “Britany, don’t spend up ALL my money.” HA! The good news is that she already has a bed and a book case, and a lot of the items in her inspiration picture can be found at Ikea and Target. WOOT!

So Jordin and I set a date to go shopping together. We went to stores like Home Goods, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. I really love these stores because you can find really great stuff (and sometimes not so great) at really decent prices. Well we struck GOLD.  A few pictures of our shopping extravaganza:

photo 13

photo 14

This last one is a PRIME example of the aforementioned not-so-great. UGH!


The car was too full to continue so we called it a day. A couple days later I stopped by Target to see if I could find  a couple items we didn’t together and found a cute comforter set and lamp but I’m going to save those for the big reveal! I should be completing the room in the next couple weeks so I’ll be back with an update then.

photo 1

Until then, live beautifully,




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