Hitting a groove in Texas

Hey Peeps,

I’m back with a small progress report on the home I’m currently working on in Texas. It’s slow going. Residential design is that way. HGTV has everyone fooled! It takes a while for things to be delivered so things sort of trudge along at a snail’s pace. I love when I see these big reveals on television or on the internet because I just know that half the world thinks it happened in one weekend. C’EST IMPOSSIBLE!

Paint is done! I wanted to keep the home light, airy, and neutral so we did mainly accent walls with the exception of the media room and dining room which we painted in full. I love how everything turned out.

IMG_4871 (1)

The projection and surround sound has been installed in the media room. The walls do not look like this, by the way. They’re more of a rich chocolate. SUPA fresh.




I chose the same color for the livingroom as I did these niches that will at some point house artwork. Feels… cohesive. I like it.

Last time I was in Texas, I found a few odds and ends that I really love and want to share with you. The first being this mirror:

photo 3

RIGHT?! It’s GIANT. I got it for the master bedroom but it’s now found its forever home in the living room above the yet-to-arrive sofa. It’s going to be beautiful. This clock is going to go above the fireplace. It too is GIANT and, oddly, is not a working clock. I don’t really know how I feel about that tiny detail but I still love the look of the clock and I really think it’s going to be beautiful. Edit: the clock was returned. We just couldn’t reconcile the whole non working part. We’ll find something else. SIGH.

photo 4

In my absence, quite a few things have arrived as well:


We got two of these stools for the island. My clients love nailhead detail.


This baby is the new mirror for over the bed in the Master bedroom. Still big but not as heavy as the one that is going in the livingroom.


Can you tell I like mirrors? This one, two actually, are going to be hung/mounted in front of a wall mirror in the master bath.


LOVE. THIS. RUG. Got it for the livingroom at Home Goods. It’s huge and we got it for a really good price. Gotta love Home Goods.



These are the dining chairs. The leather version are going to be the captain chairs. anybody spy more nail head detail?

Notice how I tried to sneak that back splash past you? It was completed last week. I love how it turned out.



Upholstery and bar built-in designs have been finalized and submitted for manufacture. These are going to take a few weeks but I am crazy excited to see the install.

I don’t know how designers design remotely. The decisions I’ve made have all turned out great but I want to stand in the space and spin around in circles. I also really want to be present for furniture arrival and such. I can admit that these are all personal preferences though. I am a tad bit controlling- my friends are all laughing that I said “tad”- so I think I may just always want to be physically present. Alas alack, that is not the world I live in, nor is it the business I work in. So I’ll suck it up and get used to living through client iPhone pics. There are worse things.

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