Banksy, oh Banksy!

Due to my blogging shortcomings, my daughter’s teeth all coming in at once and a MRSA outbreak army house this week — I didn’t finish my removable wallpaper print. So, today I’m going to talk about … BANKSY! (His below.)

My week.

My week.

For those of you who don’t know about Banksy, he’s a UK street artist. Although you can see the ole stencil ‘n spray paint artwork just about anywhere these days, Banksy was one of the originals. The big thing about Banksy is that no one actually knows who he is … he’s done interviews with his face covered and his voiced masked! I was once out in Wicker Park having drinks with my friend Camila, who is a photographer and has a lot of friends in the Chicago art scene. We ran into Slang, a well known Chicago artist, who I knew about from his mural outside of a very classy club in Wicker Park, called Violet hour.

After getting over the fact that I thought I was drinking with some kind of celebrity, I asked him how he felt about Banksy. He said, “ya know, a lotta people ask me that. I don’t think Banksy is just one person. I think it’s a bunch of people working together.” Hm … That thought was a tad disappointing, but also realistic … I mean, he couldn’t have pulled this stunt by himself!

banksy 3

Whether there are 25 artist working under the name Bansky or one, Banksy is still a personal favorite of mine. I even have a tattoo ! (Yes, Justin Beiber has the same piece on his arm because he was trying to be cool like me. No, I am not happy about it.)

When I started attending college they had this mural up and I took this cheesy pic.

When I started attending college they had this mural up and I took this cheesy pic.

One of he best things about Banksy, is his ability to take the ordinary and turn it into a political statement, a joke, or just a beautiful piece of art.b5

So ... 2014.

So funny and so… 2014.


Until next time!

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