Bucktown Art Fest

So, my friend in Wisconsin came to stay with us for the weekend and she mentioned the Bucktown Art Fest was going on. After I got over the fact that I had NO IDEA there was an art festival a few neighborhoods away, I was sooo excited! Live music, local art, some of the most interesting people, and if I’m lucky, CORN DOGS! (I love corn dogs.)




On Sunday, I packed up the stroller and we headed to, by far, the best art fest I’ve been to! Not only were there corn dogs, but the amount of artist booths was impressive. The diversity of the art was fantastic and I was amazed at how many children were there! As a mom, you have to forego many of your previous alcohol-drinking, fun-having activities, but this wasn’t one of them. There was a woman doing a children’s book reading in the park, kids on the main stage doing yo-yo tricks, and art geared toward children!

The first artist that caught my eye was, Amelia Kieras. She is a super quirky artist that does intricate hand illustrations. Her work consists of images, picture books, altered books, and pop-up cards. The “Animals, Beasts, and Creatures” book, was my favorite. It is an alphabet book, that she also sells as a print, and as separate letter prints, (yaknow, so you can get all creative with your vocab and stuff). I love how she uses extremely unconventional animals to coincide with the letters! Unless you have been brushing up on your mythical creatures in Chinese culture, “Q” will send you straight to google.








Next up is a completely different, artist who’s work is specifically called out as “children’s art.” Keri Rudsell’s tagline is, “fun, whimsical art that makes you happy.” It honestly, couldn’t be more fitting! Her work is original mixed media. Aside from her pieces featured below, she also does custom pieces to incorporate your child’s name or she mounts the piece of your choice to things like hook racks! She is all about working with you to create something custom, that is geared toward your little one!






These fun pieces would make the most thoughtful gifts or the coolest conversation pieces in your nursery! Click on the links below to visit their Etsy shops!!

Amelia Kieras Picture Books and Paper Arts

Art by Keri



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