Let’s talk glamour

Late post this week kids. Did you enjoy your holiday weekend? ME TOO!

I’m working on a project right now that has me focusing on all things glitz and glamour. I had a touch of this in a living room dining room I didn’t previously but this client wants to go all out. This got me thinking: what goes into creating a space that’s glitz and glam?

I started out on the internet- I usually do- and just searched things like Palm Springs, Kelly Wearstler (obvi), glamour design , etc. I was bombarded with all types of spaces and, as I always do, I saved/screenshot the ones that had elements of what I wanted to convey. Then I got to thinking of doing a blog post of my findings and that then prompted me to start looking for blog posts by other bloggers that had the same topic. My findings were…. Extensive to say the least.

This chick is talented. Really talented. And she happens to share my name. She was apparently a contestant (is that really the term?) on HGTV’s Design Star at some point and this pic is of a challenge she won. This is not the space I’m trying to create but it has some elements that I love. I love that she wasn’t afraid to mix metals. I love the amount of reflective surfaces she used. And what I love most is that with all of the metal and mirror, the space still manages to feel comfy, cozy all while feeling completely luxurious and opulent.

A little Kelly W action. She is completely and wonderfully over the top. Same as before I really like elements of her design. I love love love the mirrors on that green wall. Instant glamour.

Here’s another. Green seems to be the theme but, I mean, that sofa? Gorgeous!

Random pics I got from Pinterest with no link. I have no idea who most of them belong to, some are tagged, but I enjoy gazing at them with love and admiration. The aged mirror, the pulls on the chairs, the crystal light fixture! Mirrors! Mirrors! Mirrors everywhere!







Moral of the story: find the balance. And the velvet. Balance and velvet. And mirrors. Balance and velvet and mirrors.

Live beautifully!

– B


One thought on “Let’s talk glamour

  1. Courtney says:

    Great pics…I need a space that you GLAMOURIZE!!!

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