Etsy Pop-Up Shop

“Pop-up shop” is something I’m hearing more and more in the retail industry. Major retailers, like Adidas, are taking their products andselling them in a smaller, more personal setting. (See Adidas Pop-up Shop Below.) The truth is, more people are spending their money in small boutique stores and the mega-corps are finding them to be competition!

adidads pop up

One of my favorite pop-ups!

Etsy is another craze that people are emptying their pocket books for! It’s an online store where anyone can sell their handmade clothing, crafts, art, crafts, etc. My friend, Lauren bought a personalized cake topper for her wedding, whereas I found giraffe nail stickers! It’s amazing because the possibilities are endless.

A few weeks ago Brittany and I went to an Etsy pop-up shop held at the West Elm in Lincoln Park.etsy popped

They had a few Etsy “store owners” set up a table with their products, and sell to you right there! This is such a clever trick because it maximizes foot traffic through West Elm and attracts customers that may have never shopped there. All the while getting face-time for the Etsy shops, that may only have an online presence.


Britany and Me!

My favorite was “hello sleepywhale”! Her shop features adorable hand made cards and throw pillows!



Another great one that Britany made a purchase  from was Rebecca Plotnic! Her photography was displayed beautifully!




This guy made terrariums inside of old electric meters …


This crazy amazing girl was a calligraphy wiz. She does watercolor printed letters and handmade wedding invites, save-the-dates and even maps of the venue! image

imageThanks for reading!



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