Shameless Plug?

Hey Ya’ll!

This is Kendra. *HI KENDRA* She’s a client, my cousin, and a soon to be guest writer here on Chic Toro (more on that later). She’s here today to give you a sneak into the other side of what we do. Take it away, K!

My last art class was taken in the fourth grade. To avoid taking an art class in high school, I took a drama class which was miserable. A few years ago, at 24 years of age, I was feeling inspired by some artwork I saw and decided to paint my own canvas for my home. It turned out so bad that I’m certain that I would have been better off contracting my niece for the job (she’s six :-/)


It really stung the first time somebody told me that I lack vision but there comes a time when you have to face your truths. My name is Kendra and I lack creativity.

Fortunately for me, there are magnificent people in this world who have an overabundance of creativity and vision. They can look at a run-down area and immediately see the potential. I am so incredibly blessed to have had such a person to help me get my home together. It would take far too long to take you through every bit of my home, you can see most of it on Patricia Shevane Interiors website anyway, but I want to share my new favorite space with you- my bedroom. Here is where we started….

IMG_4165 IMG_4164

Pretty blah right? I may lack vision but one thing I knew when I saw this bedroom was that this horrible carpet needed to go. It truly boggles the mind why someone would want it in the first place. Even with the thought of the carpet being moved, I was still less than impressed with my new bedroom. The only thing I appreciated about it was that it was a good size. Britany (B), my extraordinary interior designer with ALL the vision, assured me that the room would come together so I decided to trust her.

Before moving in, the carpet was removed and the floors were refinished. My favorite color is purple and although I heard many comments on how I should keep my walls a basic color, B was not against putting a plum color on my wall so I ran with it.


Shortly after moving in, B suggested we stencil the wall. She showed me some examples which I loved and selected a stencil. I most certainly did not realize how cumbersome this project would be but the end result was amazing. It gave my plum walls an added flare that wasn’t overbearing.

With the hardwood floors and gorgeous walls, my bedroom was clearly on its way but still lacking. And then one day the heavens opened up and I got a text message from B with this picture in it…


That is when my life took a turn! Okay, perhaps that is a bit dramatic but look at this bench! I personally think your life should be taking a turn right now as you’re appreciating it. We added some furniture to the room-a beautiful floral chair, a mirrored side table, and a floor lamp. It is amazing how each time something was added, the room got incrementally better. Pictures were hung…

IMG_4649 IMG_4647 IMG_4648

and then another life changer came along… My ivory shag rug! A rug so soft and plush that I debated sleeping on the rug instead of my bed. It is ivory so I was incredibly concerned about getting it dirty but once it was laid down in my room, it was love and there was no turning back. A few more touches like curtains and accessories for my side table were selected and then came the day when everything was put together… Are you ready???


Isn’t it EVERYTHING? I would not have been able to accomplish anything half as lovely had I attempted this on my own (I would probably have bare walls and a bed, sigh…). People think that they don’t need interior designers because they have style. “I know how to dress so I can just transfer that my great style to my home, right?” WRONG!! I now know that I may have good taste but nothing comparable to these remarkable designers with talent. That’s all for me today, I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

Living beautifully thanks to Patricia Shevane Interiors,


PS. B is doing her own post of the space on her site tomorrow. Check it out here. Tomorrow. Obvi.


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