Martha’s back

Guess who is back on her DIY grind?! This girl!! I recently finished a photo collage in my dining room that looks a little something like this …

photcollage wall

It all started with a chevron mirror from Kmart. (I know right?! Who woulda thunk?)  Then, a frame on clearance at TJ Maxx … A piece of original work by Britany, that I should have returned to her about a year ago … (Thanks B!) More frames, a shadow box and BAM – I had enough for the collage, and began plotting what to put in them.

Why this collage works:

  • Balance– it’s not perfectly symmetrical, but there is balance. The largest frames are on opposite sides as well as the smallest to achieve balance.
  • Matching without matching – I didn’t have to buy frames that were all the exact same color. I often chose a different hue of the same color.
  • Black and white photos– If you are using colored frames, black and white photos are a good way to keep it from looking messy
  • Leaving room – This collage doesn’t look incomplete, BUT I could add a few more frames in the future, without it looking too cluttered!

Although I’m satisfied this went the way I wanted it to, I did run into one dilemma … I had a shadow box … but no shadowboxy-like things to put in it. See my solution below!

photo collage thang



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