Gallery walls yo…

Happy Monday! Let’s talk about gallery walls. I actually have been thinking about putting one in mi casa and Mandy’s post last week renewed this desire.

I’m going to tell you a secret Internet. Ready? I hate my dining room. At some point I will show you pictures but as of now it is housing some things my parents left behind when they deserted me aka moved away.

I’ve been thinking about whether I want to do a gallery wall in my living room or in my dining room. Today, I’ll be showing you some inspiration that I look at on a slightly obsessive and all too often basis. Once again these are pics I’ve screen shot and saved for who knows how long. I need to start pinning as well as screenshots. Too often, I do one or the other and then I don’t have a source. Sorry Internet.

I’m going to start with a dining room pic because it’s the kind of awesome that my dining room is failing to be.


Right?! That table. Those chairs. That gallery wall! I really love how it takes up so much of the wall. I do worry that the chairs will hit the lower frames but in a perfect dining world that would never happen. Fa realz.

This next wall makes me feel like an intellectual. You know how you pick books for your coffee table that make you seem cooler, more savvy, and smarter than you actually are? That’s totally what this wall would be for me.


I just love the mix of media in this next one. Maps, paintings, photography. I want it all! This picture actually made me want to get rid of my entertainment center and so this instead but them I reminded myself that I like my entertainment center so…. yeah, no.


I can say with 89% certainty that this is not the direction I would go but isn’t it cute! And don’t get me wrong, I love it. So colorful and full of humor. I’ve just been finding myself being inexplicably drawn to a more neutral palette lately. Meanwhile, it’s Emily Henderson for Oh Joy!


And yet another level of mixed media. Really loving that handmade paper and this one has ceramic objects as well. I don’t know that I would in my own gallery but it shole is purrrty.


Last but but not least is decorator Bryn Alexandra’s living room. Her gallery wall is so….. soothing? I really like the mix of white and black frames, the photographs that mean something personal, and how it feels collected/eclectic and at the same time utterly cohesive.


So this one is the last one. I almost forgot about it and I’m not sure why. This is my favorite. It’s just… more. It’s just more life. Like this is what my entire house would look/feel like if I wasn’t, well, me. Ha!


Jury’s still out on where my gallery wall will go, what it will look like, and WHEN I’ll actually get around to doing it but in the meantime, I’ll be here, stalking pics on Pinterest.

Live beautifully,


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