You ever walk into a gallery space and fall in love with something that you would have to take a second mortgage out to pay for?!

It’s rare, but sometimes I find a piece that just speaks to me. I feel like I NEED it. Then I look at the price tag … and weep.

I find myself wanting to replicate something an artist did, but then I’m morally conflicted. I wouldn’t want someone to see my work and replicate it, instead of paying for it. I want to hang something on my wall and tell people, “This piece was done by a phenomenal artist who works with found objects, named Tara Donovan. I discovered her work at the Calatrava museum, during a weekend trip to Milwaukee …” I want to pay respect to artists and their craft. That being said, I cannot afford any of Tara Donovan’s work. So, my walls remain a little naked, or filled with pictures of my daughter, or my original work …

But then …. I found Gallery F, right here in Chicago!

Photo by Jason Kaczorowski

Photo by Jason Kaczorowski

This gallery space features artists selling their work at ridiculously affordable prices.  They have gig prints, street art, and art prints. There was a gentleman working there who was so kind and was eager to tell me about specific pieces and artists.

The art is phenomenal and diverse. If you were to pair one of these prints with an IKEA frame, you could get away with paying only $40 for an original piece of beautiful artwork. Below are a few of my faves! Please click on the artist name to go to their site and see more of their work!!

"Untangled Illinois" Sean Mort

“Untangled Illinois”
Sean Mort

"Cinderella" John Vogl

John Vogl

"Hummingbird" Andrew Vastagh

Andrew Vastagh


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