Props, Cutting Edge. Mad Props.

Good morning jolly people!

There was a guest post done by the wonderful Kendra a few weeks back about her bedroom. If you can’t remember click me. The stencil I used to do her walls came from Cutting Edge Stencils, an online stencil store. They have everything you can think of from floral to Moroccan inspired stencils. I love love love wallpaper but, the fact is, it can get expensive quickly. Stencils are less expensive and, if you are willing to put in the extra work, can have a really lovely affect.

So I got an email from Cutting Edge Stencils about some new stencils and THEY’RE AMAZING. So here I am to share the ones that have me drooling. In no particular order.

First up, arrows arrows everywhere! These stencils all float my boat. There’s a slight obsession with arrows right now and I’m so down. This goes back to me wanting to be in a cabin somewhere. You know what cabins have? ARROWS (at least the ones in my dreams)! Below, please take a gander at (clockwise) the Western Arrows Allover Stencil, Drifting Arrows Allover Stencil, Navajo Arrows Allover, and the Tribal Arrows Allover Stencil.


Sigh… dreamy, yeah? Next up, this is the Spore Print to end all- nonexistent- spore prints. I. Just. Can’t. Let’s be real, spores are bores. Lame? Fine, then let’s just admit that spores are the opposite of cute. They’re gross. But somehow, Cutting Edge has made them graphic and tribal and chic.


And then there is the Herringbone Stitch. I mean…. This is the stuff my dreams are made of. It’s graphic without having a hard edge, ya know? Still has a softness that I deeply appreciate. So so nice.


Then there’s this Flock of Cranes Stencil. So ethereal. I love that they did it in a metallic as the example but it would be nice in just about any color. I also like the versatility. You can use pinks purples and it would be beautiful in girl’s room. Use navy or black and it becomes this fun graphic for an adult space.


And while I’m on the subject of ethereal and versatile, let’s talk about Fish School. This stencil blows my mind. It’s legit a school of fish but the geniuses over a Cutting Edge Stencils have made a school of fish look elegant on a wall.


Before this becomes a 10 page ode to Cutting Edge I’m going to stop. Must stop. There are many more stencils so hop over if you’d like. Chat next week?

Live beautifully,



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