Further proof that I live my life to nap…

Hey ya’ll!

I’ve shown you my bedroom before so you may have guessed that I like an upholstered headboard. Well, I was doing my usual blog reading last week when I came across an upholstered bed DIY by Jenny Komenda over at Little Green Notebook. Take a looksie:

jenny komenda

Is it the most?! To say the least?! (Grease reference!) I love it. It’s bright, modern, and well done. I have to say, though, that what I love the absolute most is that I like it at all. This is not a style I am usually attracted to. Somehow Jenny has made it fresh instead of dated.

This got me thinking about just how much I love upholstered beds. I go through phases like everyone else but I have been on the upholstered bed bandwagon for a while now. I think it’s time I let my flag fly.

So today I want to show you a few that I’ve been looking at for ages. First up, this DIY in Otomi fabri. I first saw this YEARS ago, when it was posted actually, and loved it at first sight. I stared at it until I was convinced I needed it for myself. Then I saw how much Otomi fabric costs and I was completely deflated. My 2009 budget could come no where near that fabric. But after all these years, I still occasionally look at it like an ex-boyfriend I have fond memories of.


Sometimes I come across artwork, or furniture that I don’t feel worthy of owning. I like to think that in the future when I’m older and wiser and have a longer attention span than a flea, I’ll spend my nights on this beauty from Bassett Furniture.

bassettThis whole space feels…. sophisticated. Just classy, ya know? I feel like I have to be a better person to sleep in this bed. I’ll get there one day, guys. I know I will.

Next up, a little drama! I really feel like I’m supposed to be living in a loft somewhere. Or a converted warehouse like in Flashdance! The point is if I lived in a space with ceilings that high I would get a bed like this one. Dramatic for no functional reason what so ever. And then there’s all that diamond tufting. Sigh. I found this picture online and it has no source. It’s most likely custom. Sorry folks.

high drama

I LOVE that whoever styled this picture put all those books next to bed. Don’t headboards like this just lend themselves to hardcore reading? I like big books and I cannot lie…

So the examples I’ve given you are pretty intense but I love a simple- well made-bed just as much. Look at this one Daniel made over at Manhattan Nest.


I mean… right?! Simple, comfy, and you can top ANYTHING with a sheepskin.I want to be in this bed.

That’s all she wrote, folks. Do yourself a favor and go check out Jenny’s upholsery DIY. Bonus is that it also includes a fabric dye DIY. I kinda want to do my own now…. who’s with me?

Live beautifully,



3 thoughts on “Further proof that I live my life to nap…

  1. chor says:

    I like the Otomi fabric headboard with the cat and the Bassett. The extra tall headboard is a bit much for me.

    • bscurry1 says:

      Of course YOU like the one with the cat, ha! The extral tall headboard is supposed to be too much. Drama for no reason!I think it’s definitely a love it or hate it situation tho. You hate it? That’s ok, I love it!

    • bscurry1 says:

      Thanks Chorine! I just wish I could afford that wallpaper… Sigh…

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