Polka polka polka dots….

I have a new obsession. It’s stripes… just kidding it’s polka dots. Obvi. It started innocently enough. I recently, and inexplicably, lost my two favorite scarves. Guys, these were awesome scarves. They went with everything- read I wore them with everything- and the fact that I’ve lost them means oceans of sadness. Sadness for me, my cousin Kendra, and all jealous passersby that had the great honor to see them public. All of this to say…. I’ve been looking for new scarves! I am whittling down some options but one of the ones I decided against is this beauty:


Helloooooooooo Nurse! It’s sooooo simple people. Simple but cute. SUPA cute. But after dreaming of this scarf that ultimately won’t work in the same way the ones- that-got-away did, I fell down the polka dot rabbit hole.

First up, this discontinued rug from Urban Outfitters.


It, like my ill fated scarf, is simple but cute. It’s woven and leans more toward a kitchen towel than a rug. For this reason I’d probably never woudl have bought it. Still, in a picture it floats my boat.

Next up, wallpaper. This is  beauty is Sisters of the Sun in Gold on Charcoal.


This thang is everythang! I’m loving it a poop-ton. I’m imaging it in a foyer with lots of wood trim – original to the house, of course- and an eclectic mixture of mid-century and transitional pieces. Sigh…

And then there’s this clock from Society 6. Yes, I know I appear to have a thing for that website but I really think that it’s Society 6 that has a thing for me. #iknowmytruth


This sofa. I just can’t. I would trade in my entire living room AND a piece of my liver for this sofa. Although I would go in a completely different and crazy-embracing direction than this beautifully monochromatic space.


While on the topic of seating, take a gander of this baby. Found completely out of context over at Style Me Pretty. I think (know) it might be too much to put dalmatian polka dots in every room of my house but my new obsession doesn’t know the meaning of restraint. Like, it wants to take over my life and I want to let it.


These guys, I saved and didn’t save the source. WOMP. Sorry Internet…. So now there would be a dalmatian sofa in the living room, a chair in my bedroom, and these babies in my kitchen. See?! NO RESTRAINT.


I’m rounding up this posts with two spaces that have wormed their way into my hopes and dreams. The first one is the space that was sponsored by Home Depot. It’s great. Disregard the nonsensical Christmas Tree in  the space. It don’t make no sense yo but it sure is pretty.



The way the polka dots become a subtle layer in the overall scheme is perfection. Perfection.

Lastly, because it’s my unicorn (so unbelievable I don’t even think it exists in real life), is a space by the formidable Kelly Wearstler via Architectural Digest.



I can’t even begin to cope with the amazingness that is this room. I tried to do a little, last minute, research and I think this is a kid’s room. Life is so very unfair.

So that’s it. Ok not even close to being it. My obsession is showing NO signs of letting up. Meh… There are worse things to be obsessed with, no? What are ya’ll currently obsessed with?

Live beautifully,


PS. Boos, I was just looking through old pictures instead of going to bed and there are SOOO many pictures of me in polka dots. My entire life has been working toward this post.


2 thoughts on “Polka polka polka dots….

  1. chor says:

    I love the wallpaper! Interesting post. Thanks B.

  2. Susan says:

    I love love love polka dots! Cute stuff! Polka dots make me happy!

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