Winter Decorating!

Winter is here and the outdoor activities have come to an end. Which means my favorite indoor activity should be full steam ahead –CRAFTING TIME!

In past years Brandon and I have lived in a very small space, so a little decoration went a long way. Now we have Abella and a lot more space, so I’ve got so much decorating to do!!! So, today I’m sharing some crafts that I found on Pinterest that I’m thinking about doing this winter, and by this winter, I mean this weekend, of course!

DIXIE CUP+MINI TAPERS. This Pinterest photo linked to a Swedish blog, so I’m wondering if we even have these adorable little cups here in the states … IKEA maybe?? If not, white cups and a sharpie I would be my solution! This is a ridiculously affordable, yet cute idea!


FELT PINECONES. These are adorable, and would last forever! I also wouldn’t have to worry about my daughter breaking them, as she may with real ones.

winter decor2

GLITTERED REINDEER. Like most gals, I love me some glitter, but it’s very easy for me to get carried away … I start sprinkling it on everything I can get my hands on … I find glitter in the most obscure places for months … Maybe there is a hotline for this? Anyway …. This craft calls for a sheet of adhesive glitter paper, so I think this would be a good way to add some sparkle to my decor without giving into my addiction.

winter decor 3

And I leave you with a photo that ties a few handmade winter decorations all together. That pom pom garland though …. šŸ™‚

winter decor 2



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