Sweet sorrow….

Happy Monday,

Prior to Chic Toro, I had failed at maintaining a personal blog. I’m, essentially, lazy when it comes to things that I don’t HAVE to do and I failed to post regularly. I was only really accountable to myself at the time and I am not good at kicking myself in the butt.  What I really wanted was other people counting on me so I would step up to the plate. I also thought bringing different viewpoints and aesthetics would be interesting.

I mulled over this idea for a few years before I brought it to two of my good friends from college, Mandy and Carrie. They are smart, hard-working, gregarious women and I knew we could make a serious go of it. And we did for a bit- a year, actually- but life has gotten in the way. Cross continent moves, beautiful baby girls, a slew of life altering and wonderfully terrifying adventures that can’t be ignored. Fact is, no ones likes feeling overwhelmed… especially when it’s because of something we don’t HAVE to do.

So today is about good byes.  Those two brilliant women that I started Chic Toro with are off to conquer the world in new, exciting, and inspiring ways. As for me, I’m going to take a break… Let’s call it a vacation.  Not to worry, I still have a strong desire to journal my creativity and provide commentary on beautiful things that I see and experience. I WILL be back. The first week of January to be exact.

Live beautifully, my friends. We won’t be apart for long.

– B


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One thought on “Sweet sorrow….

  1. chor says:

    Enjoy your vacay. I’ll look forward to your posts in the new year!

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