Begin again…

Hello jolly people! You all look rested and not at all tired like I do…

There’re gonna be some changes round these parts. I’m giving you fair warning. I’m not sure what all those changes are but I have been giving it some thought… Thoughts. Many many thoughts.

I don’t know if the blog will stay at this address or if I’ll move over to my severely neglected personal blog full time. Guess I’ll let you know when I do.

I think this might become more of a this-is-my-life blog. It’ll still be chock full of design because, well, my life is chock full of design. That said, I can’t imagine having enough to write on any one topic to keep both myself and you lovely people interested so I’m going to write about it all. Design, outings, food, drank, theatre…. Pretty much everything I get excited about. Found this online:


I love it! And I’m gonna make it my 2015 motto. It’s kind of a long motto, maybe I’ll look for something shorter with the same spirit. LIGHTBULB. MY 2015 motto will be “Love the crap outta everything.” Boom.

Well that’s all folks, best I go out on a high note. The high note being my motto epiphany. Obvi.

Love the crap outta everything!



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