Hump Day Dump Day-Vol. 1

How impressed are you that I’m back with a new post already?

So what is Hump Day Dump Day, you might ask. I’m thinking it might be a new segment in the life of moi and this blog. It would be just as it sounds, me dumping- my phone, usually- on you wonderful people. I’m hoping this will add a little “this is my life” to this blog. So, let’s commence, shall we?

First, I gotta say I spend entirely too much of my life eating, drinking, and making merry. I also realized recently that my “good” side is any side photographed inside a vehicle. Any vehicle. You’ve been warned.

That time my building’s boiler broke in winter and I used a hair dryer as a space heater:


It’s ok tho, cause I then felt the need to do my hair and this AWESOMENESS happened:


Impromptu Big Star tacos, on work nights, are what friendships are made of. Also hangovers. But that coulda been the two pitchers of margaritas:



That time my friend found beer with my name on it:


Please note that I’m cuter in the following selfies (cause I’m in my car):



Lunch at Lady Gregory’s with my lady-family:



Homemade boozy parfait from my cousin and a cozy Shark Tank Marathon:


Lunch with these ladies who used to be these ladies:



And then stepping the night away with these ladies:



And now I’m realizing that my life looks a lot more fun and I look a lot more social than I am. Don’t get your hopes up people, my life isn’t that exciting. Until next time?

Love the crap outta everything!



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