ChicToro- a resolution free zone

Happy hump day peeps,

Today I want to recap all the things I didn’t do did last year. Ready? I’m not…  Remember this post? I was ready to take on the world- I’m always “ready”- and I put all these resolutions/goals for 2014. Well…. there are some things that didn’t get done, like maintaining my business blog in addition to this one. But we are all about the future here at Chic Toro, none of that past business so we’re going to focus on the things I DID do.

  • I DID remain consistent in my posts on ChicToro. There were a few late posts but I don’t really think anyone cares but me. The accountability to my former co-bloggers did the trick. I think I’m used to posting regularly now so hopefully I’ll keep up my good habits and not revert back to the old ones. Meanwhile, I think Chic Toro has been moving along at a pretty steady clip. I still have like 10 readers max, most of them family, but I didn’t start this blog to get rich so I’m pretty happy about this at the moment.


  • I’m slowly- read: snail’s pace- getting better with social media. I’m really trying to retrain my thinking. I’ve been mentally chanting “Must post every design related thing that happens in my life!” way more often. I still mostly ignore it.

gram fb

  • I have rejoined the artistic community with flourish! I’ve been to see more indie films and plays and I feel…. more satisfied. Is that the right expression? How about sated. I feel sated.
  • I STILL love naps. In my defense, I didn’t say I was going to give them up just that I was going to cut back. My friends, I have DEFINITELY cut back. In a big way. And who knew what more time did for a person? My home is cleaner, I see my friends more, it’s incredible.***


*** Guys, this isn’t even my bed…

And after saying all that I’m still decided that in 2015, I’m not making any resolutions. I always have goals but instead of putting a 365 deadline on those goals, I’m just going to put in the work. I know I can’t cheat the grind so I won’t try. I’ll just do good work and let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully they fall on the side of success. Just sayin.


Live beautifully and love the crap outta everything,



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