Hump Day Dump Day- Vol. 2

Guess who’s back in the atmosphere!

Texas was a blast. I also would like to point out that I was super responsible because I made sure that both of my posts were ready to go BEFORE leaving last week! Oh yeah! I only messed up the scheduling of one of them… so there’s that. All that to say, I followed up my responsible-ness with the opposite. Here I sit, 10:37 on Tuesday night and I’ve spent the last hour watching trailers on Hulu instead of writing my post. AND I’m exhausted. Like, eyes burning exhausted…. TGFHDDD!!!! (Thank Goodness For Hump Day Dump Day!!!!)

Are ya’ll ready for this?:

That time it was 13 degrees in Chicago and Texas was like, “Let’s turn up.”


That time I held a baby so cute, I felt him my uterus contract (TMI?). PS. This is an exceptionally ok- makeup less- pic of me and I’m not even in a car. It’s probably the baby.


That time I pretended pork was healthy by putting it on some lettuce. Guys, pork makes EVERYTHING better….


That time my grandmother played music in the car on her SMART PHONE. I still cant. Couldn’t then. Can’t now.


That time gas prices made me want to move south. Just kidding. Never.


That time I looked at a picture of me and my mother and thought (Chandler Bing Voice), “Could I LOOK anymore like her?” I mean that chin, those cheeks, them lips, that nose. That’s where the comparison ends cause those fancy-butt glasses are blocking her eyes.


Then there’s this pic. Just to tease you so you’ll come back Friday to see my very first Chic Toro Recipe!


Boom! Happy Hump Day peeps.

Love the crap outta everything!



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