Shrimp and shrimp and shrimp and grits!

Happy Hump Day Boos!

I have returned with ANOTHER excuse. My computer is currently undergoing medical testing so I still don’t have a quiche recipe for you. My bad. Fear not! I will not leave you hungry. I am here with something to blow your socks off in water. I clearly don’t know how that saying is supposed to go.

Meet Jen the Amazerful:


Don’t mind the rest of us; Girl’s Night. Jen is my cousin, I have a lot of them. She is a great cook as are many of the women in my family but Jen is a cook AND she’s adventurous. Last Friday, Jen the Amazerful decided not only to make shrimp and grits for the first time but she decided to put it on a pizza. I can’t. The recipe she followed- loosely, always loosely- can be found here. It was amazing. A singular experience.


Really?! It was a wheat pizza crust from Whole Foods. Shrimp, BACON, grits, scallions, cheese…. It was so good and so so decadent. We felt it needed a proper setting so we even ate at the dining table.


BOOM. Amazing. Like Edna Mode, Jen the Amazerful is also my spirit animal.

Love the crap outta everything!



One thought on “Shrimp and shrimp and shrimp and grits!

  1. Jennifer Viamille says:

    Aww!! Thanks Brit. I enjoy cooking for your adventurous taste buds. See you this Friday for chili and cornbread waffles.

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