Let there be quiche….

Yo yo yo!

Guys. The time has FINALLY come.

I’ll give you one guess where I had this first. That’s right, you guessed it: Jen the Amazerful!  She saw the recipe on Pinterest and then just like wiggled her nose and it appeared. I’m serious. That’s how she cooks. So whilst in the great state of Texas, USA I decided to channel my dear Jen the Amazerful and this happened:


I know. You’re impressed. Hate on me, hater! The recipe is here. And below is my not-very-specific version:


Meet my ingredients. They came from Kroger which, by the way, is on the very short list of reasons that I might kind of like Texas, USA. Might. Also, the eggs went all Kanye and decided not to be in the picture. Or I forgot. You’re right, it was probably the first one. After I gave up on the Yeezy, I sliced some taters…


Lining my Pyrex dish and spraying olive oil like a boss…


Choppin’ some veggies like a gangster. I completely made up the amounts. I was all like, that looks good…


Sauteeing like a thug…


Quick note, I added mushrooms, onions, and a tiny bit of scotch bonnet pepper. Mainly because it was in the fridge. And you know what they say, use it or lose it or something. Next add our sauteed veggies to the egg mixture…

DSC_0530 DSC_0532

Please note that I put both salt, pepper, and Tony’s into my eggs. I add this seasoning to EVERYTHING… I baked the Pyrex lined with the potatoes for 15 minutes to semi-cook the potatoes, then added egg mixture to Pyrex. Notice how it starts cooking the instant it touches the hot dish. This alarmed me but in the end all was well…




I even plated it for you. Cause I – I – I be on it…


I want to be clear, I ended up going back for seconds. And then thirds. It was so good that I made it again before I left. Its breakfast-y but also has the sweet potatoes which makes it kind of savory and comforting. As I type this I really don’t know why I haven’t made it since reaching home.

Anyway bon apetit.

Love the crap outta everything,



3 thoughts on “Let there be quiche….

  1. Jennifer Viamille says:

    Nice presentation. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.How can we incorporate your herb butter to this recipe?

  2. chor says:

    You lost me with the sweet potatoes. But the rest sounds and looks delicious.

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