Happy Monday Lovelies,

Today’s quote was found on, you guessed it, Pinterest. I tried to find the source but came up short. I’m thinking it might have derived from this quote by Jack Canfield that says, “Most everything you want is outside of your comfort zone.” Pretty great stuff. The one I found is just as true, if not just a little bit more straightforward. And by straightforward I mean this quote is all about me, people. So often I let the fear of, not even failure, so much as the fear of “no” to get in my way. Why is “no” so scary? It’s just a word. It isn’t “stop” or “never” or “failure”. Fear stops us, this is just a fact. But it shouldn’t. Just sayin’.


And there it is. More inspiration from our inspiration station.

Love the CRAP outta everything!

– Brit


One thought on “Like EVERYTHING tho….

  1. Jennifer Viamille says:

    Time to be as bold as your design choices. Step towards the uncertainty with confidence. Don’t fall into the “Would have, could have, should have” category.

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