Fauxdenzas much?

Happy Hump day!

I’m here today talking about another project that I started, never finished, and may now be morphing into an altogether new project.

I need storage for my business bad. Over a year ago I bought a couple of the Akurum shelves from Ikea. Ikea apparently doesn’t sell them anymore but they do have these. Anyhoo, I was thinking I’d mount them over my desk like so:

overhead storage

Well as time went on- by time I mean at LEAST a year and a half- I just can’t shake the feeling that I don’t want anything that substantial over my head. Plus, I kind of like pinning up the things I’m currently working on like so:


So now I’m thinking about a fauxdenza. Again. Originally coined by Anna over at DoorSixteen. Here’s the one she built in her home and here’s her how-to:

ds faux

Then there’s this guy over at Brick House:

brickhouse faux

And this is my crude pic of how it would be placed.


I’m thinking I might like this better. I get the storage I need, and have long since paid for, but I also get a fauxdenza for the MANY very few dinner parties I have.

I have thoughts on paint too… I feel like I’m forever painting my house.

More to come. Until then love the CRAP outta everything!




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