Breaking Upwards…


I wish I could tell you it’s because my business is booming but really, I just looked up one day and had a social life. What’s with that? Anyhoo, I’m here on Hump Day with a more personal not-so-design post.

I was perusing the web and found this article called The hardest breakups are the friendship breakups. Guys…. Truer words. TRUER. WORDS.

My worst breakup was with some friends I had when I was a kid. It was brutal. We weren’t friends anymore but I wasn’t sure why. I tried for a couple years to figure out what happened. They insisted nothing was wrong and I kept feeling like I was on the outside of a bubble that I had helped make.  I never did quite figure out what I did or what happened but at some point I decided that I shouldn’t be mad anymore. We were teenagers, kids. And kids are notorious for making bad decisions and/or at the very least, handling things poorly. So I moved on. We still see each other semi-often as we run in the same circles but now I don’t get a knot in my chest. This is called progress.

My second worse breakup was with an ex. Looking back, I think the most excruciating part of it was think that I was losing a friend because we had been friends for so long before. Losing a lover isn’t like losing a friend. And while losing a friend is worse  but losing a lover that was your friend first? So so so much worse. Mainly because when you lose a lover, I really hate that word, you want to go to your friends and confide and cry and drink but when your lover IS (was) your friend well the world is like sucky squared. Said ex and I are currently pretending we’re ok and are friends again. This is called adulthood.

Please go read the article, it was a goody. This one is too. Oh and this one.

Love the crap outta everything!


PS Weird that there are no pictures today, right? I don’t know how I feel about this….


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