Texas afters- Part 1…

Happy Friday Boos!

I am here, as promised, with afters. These aren’t all true afters because there is still much to do. In some areas, it’s little things like accessories and styling. Other spaces are plain not ready and won’t be seen here, ya dig?  Without further ado:

Okay wait, I have a little more ‘ado’. I have something like 26 pictures so I’m breaking them into two posts otherwise this would quickly become my own version of The Iliad.

Below is the entryway. We kept the walls neutral throughout the space and did strategic accent walls. When you enter the front door, you are greeted by this big ol’ staircase and can see a bit of the living room straight ahead.Love that accent wall! The art that you see with the bright mattes are actually originals from a market in Ghana, Africa. They have soooo many goodies from Ghana.


This is the same staircase but from upstairs and the opposite direction. I can’t even begin to explain to you how large those niches are. In order to get the art to the house, because they wouldn’t fit in either of our trucks, we rented a Home Depot flatbed truck.It was an adventure.


And here is the living room. It is so wonderfully bright. Mainly because the windows on both outside walls have these HUGE windows.


We had the drapes made custom- obvi- and they turned out really nice. It’s a metallic linen so it has the slightest sheen. The sofa was purchased from Room and Board and the blue really stabs my in the heart. I mean that in the best way possible. This mirror is also giant but on a wall so large it fits just right.

LR2The sofa looks a tad washed out in the pic, I should alter that. Whatevs… I found these cute green cheetah pillows at Home Goods. Ya’ll know how much I love Home Goods. I put baskets with throws in every living room I do. It’s not only functional but pretty. It’s also a pretty easy way to infuse some pattern, texture, or color. 

AERIAL SHOT! I was really excited to be able to do this from the second floor. No ladder needed.


That piece of art plus the green stools tie the kitchen and living room together and I love it.


The lighting in this picture turned out weird because the lighting in the kitchen and the living room is completely different. I wish I knew how to use those light diffuser things. One day, mi amigos, one day.

Kitch! We added the backsplash post construction and I know I’ve talked about it here at some point. Turned out lovely. Tiny bit of green that I likes a lot.


I had that window cushion made and also a matching valance that you can’t see in my pics. I’ll probably have to try and capture it next time.


I’m back to the coffee table because I like it.


And another one. check out them chairs, yo.


Ain’t it grand? Hope you enjoyed, dearies, and I’ll see you next Wednesday or so to show the rest.

Love the CRAP outta everything!



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