Texas afters- Part 2…

Guess who’s back in the atmosphere?!

As promised, I have returned with part 2 of the Texas reveals! I’m going to jump right in.

Below is the master bedroom. We added crown and an accent wall. I’m still looking for a bench for the foot of bed, a rug, and a chaise for the window in the next pic.


Next pic. Love that mirror but I’m going to move it I think.


Master bath. I’m going to eventually replace those bar lights because they drive me bananas. Those mirrors are from Joss and Main. And the stool. Guys, so much in this house is from Joss and Main. You know how much I love them.


I’m trying to get better at my close ups. Her side:

His side:


This home office still needs a few things but I just ADORE it. Folks, this is how Pottery Barn and Ikea became forever friends.


So many goodies from Ghana! I framed some kente cloth over the bookcase. I loved how it turned out so much that now I’m planning on doing the same-ish thing in my dining room.


The office still needs window treatments. They’re not done because I want a pseudo-tribal print and I haven’t found it yet but that might be because I haven’t really been looking….


This is not a porfolio pic because with all those windows, I can’t get a good picture without all the glare. More sculptures from Africa. That hunk o’ wood is from… you guess it! HOME GOODS!


The media room is far from done. We did a vintage comic theme and had a little fun with the drapery.  It’s coming along nicely.


I hate cords. Why can’t everything in the world be wireless? they will be handled before final pictures.


That giant hole will be a dry bar. I’m thinking something masculine with raw wood and stainless steel. There also may or may not be a beer pump thingy when I’m finished.


The drapes are two-toned and I love them. This blue valance with grey piping is also over the window. I’m all about consistency.


This is in the dining room. It was formerly a hole with cabinetry. Now it has backsplash, wine cooler, and wine rack. Soon it’ll also have hooks to hang the wine glasses and, ya know, a dining room.


‘Tis all for now. I hope you enjoyed the show. Until next time-

Love the CRAP outta everything!



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