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Lake Geneva, baby!

I have a pretty close-knit family. We love each other a lot and like each other the majority of the time. We spend time together most weeks and text or call during the week. Considering my mother is one of 16, I think this is pretty awesome. Last weekend, six of us (my grandmother, three aunts, my cousin, and myself) decided to take a drive up to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. We piled into my Aunt Charm’s truck, turned on Luther Vandross Pandora station and hit the road. We decided to take side streets in order to do a little exploring.

At about 10 o’clock Saturday morning, while I was waiting to be picked up it dawned on me that I could use this trip as an opportunity to buy a selfie stick! So on our way out of town, we stopped at Walgreens and bought one. Here’s the first selfie-stick pic of the weekend. Notice we all put on the same lipstick- although it really doesn’t look like it- in a show of solidarity. Also, the lipstick is MAC’s Rebel so it fits us.


We took a few “Welcome to” signs too:

IMG_1105 IMG_1148

The first place we really landed was a little spot in Richmond, IL that had four Antique shops; we only made it to three of them. The first place we walked into, purely because of proximity, was Fox and Finch Antiques. Ginene was the owner and she lived upstairs and kept the cutest little shop on the first floor. She didn’t just sell antiques, she modified them. Check out this child-sized arm chair and ottoman. She tried to clean the original fabric but, because of its age, it started to crumble. When she went to remove the fabric, she found five layers of fabric underneath. It was like a time capsule. I really wish I’d taken a pic but it was damask, then velvet, then leather, etc. You could see the owners changed the fabric with the decades. It was really cool. She chose a super cute fabric and here’s Kendra-the-Cute modeling it:


Here’s a few more from her shop:

IMG_1076 IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1073 IMG_1071 IMG_1070

Like I said, we hit a few more stores and here are the pics:

IMG_1103 IMG_1098 IMG_1095 IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1101 IMG_1100 IMG_1099 IMG_1092 IMG_1091 IMG_1089 IMG_1086 IMG_1085 IMG_1084 IMG_1083 IMG_1082 IMG_1080 IMG_1079 IMG_1090 IMG_1078

This table. Apparently the owner of this shop gets a bunch of things that the men that work down at the salvage yard make and this beauty was amazing. Just beautiful. Wish I had $1200 and space in the truck. I tried to convince someone to stay behind but my aunts are selfish.

I couldn’t get really good pics of the inside of our hotel room but it wasn’t anything nice anyway, just a clean place to lay our heads. We opted for a suite so we had a living room and kitchenette. This was really great for middle of the night talking, drinking, and laughter. The best part of suite was the view:

IMG_1134 IMG_1108 IMG_1107 IMG_1109 IMG_1137 IMG_1123

Later that night after Grandma was is bed: #turnup


We shopped, we ate, we drank, and we made merry. We had a blast.

IMG_1143 IMG_1140 IMG_1139 IMG_1129 IMG_1087 IMG_1145


When we got back to Evanston, we had our final dinner at Boltwood. I didn’t take pictures of all the food but check out the one’s I did. Everything was delicious!

IMG_1156 IMG_1159 IMG_1157

 Check out my grandmother playing on her cell phone instead of talking to us like a teenager:


Final pic from our trip:


The next trip is already in the works and we can’t wait! Until next time-

Love the CRAP out of everything!



Texas afters- Part 2…

Guess who’s back in the atmosphere?!

As promised, I have returned with part 2 of the Texas reveals! I’m going to jump right in.

Below is the master bedroom. We added crown and an accent wall. I’m still looking for a bench for the foot of bed, a rug, and a chaise for the window in the next pic.


Next pic. Love that mirror but I’m going to move it I think.


Master bath. I’m going to eventually replace those bar lights because they drive me bananas. Those mirrors are from Joss and Main. And the stool. Guys, so much in this house is from Joss and Main. You know how much I love them.


I’m trying to get better at my close ups. Her side:

His side:


This home office still needs a few things but I just ADORE it. Folks, this is how Pottery Barn and Ikea became forever friends.


So many goodies from Ghana! I framed some kente cloth over the bookcase. I loved how it turned out so much that now I’m planning on doing the same-ish thing in my dining room.


The office still needs window treatments. They’re not done because I want a pseudo-tribal print and I haven’t found it yet but that might be because I haven’t really been looking….


This is not a porfolio pic because with all those windows, I can’t get a good picture without all the glare. More sculptures from Africa. That hunk o’ wood is from… you guess it! HOME GOODS!


The media room is far from done. We did a vintage comic theme and had a little fun with the drapery.  It’s coming along nicely.


I hate cords. Why can’t everything in the world be wireless? they will be handled before final pictures.


That giant hole will be a dry bar. I’m thinking something masculine with raw wood and stainless steel. There also may or may not be a beer pump thingy when I’m finished.


The drapes are two-toned and I love them. This blue valance with grey piping is also over the window. I’m all about consistency.


This is in the dining room. It was formerly a hole with cabinetry. Now it has backsplash, wine cooler, and wine rack. Soon it’ll also have hooks to hang the wine glasses and, ya know, a dining room.


‘Tis all for now. I hope you enjoyed the show. Until next time-

Love the CRAP outta everything!


Let it kill you

Happy Monday boos!!!

I had a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to tell ya’ll all about it later this week. Today’s thoughts:


This quote ya’ll. You just don’t understand. I love it so much that I want to tattoo it on my forehead. Just saying. Design is so so gratifying but I feel like it I die a little bit before I live a lotta bit on EVERY project. The rest of the quote is as follows:

“My dear, find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness. Let it kill you and let it devour your remains. For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover. Falsely yours”

I mean…. RIGHT?! Kills me.

– Brit

Texas afters- Part 1…

Happy Friday Boos!

I am here, as promised, with afters. These aren’t all true afters because there is still much to do. In some areas, it’s little things like accessories and styling. Other spaces are plain not ready and won’t be seen here, ya dig?  Without further ado:

Okay wait, I have a little more ‘ado’. I have something like 26 pictures so I’m breaking them into two posts otherwise this would quickly become my own version of The Iliad.

Below is the entryway. We kept the walls neutral throughout the space and did strategic accent walls. When you enter the front door, you are greeted by this big ol’ staircase and can see a bit of the living room straight ahead.Love that accent wall! The art that you see with the bright mattes are actually originals from a market in Ghana, Africa. They have soooo many goodies from Ghana.


This is the same staircase but from upstairs and the opposite direction. I can’t even begin to explain to you how large those niches are. In order to get the art to the house, because they wouldn’t fit in either of our trucks, we rented a Home Depot flatbed truck.It was an adventure.


And here is the living room. It is so wonderfully bright. Mainly because the windows on both outside walls have these HUGE windows.


We had the drapes made custom- obvi- and they turned out really nice. It’s a metallic linen so it has the slightest sheen. The sofa was purchased from Room and Board and the blue really stabs my in the heart. I mean that in the best way possible. This mirror is also giant but on a wall so large it fits just right.

LR2The sofa looks a tad washed out in the pic, I should alter that. Whatevs… I found these cute green cheetah pillows at Home Goods. Ya’ll know how much I love Home Goods. I put baskets with throws in every living room I do. It’s not only functional but pretty. It’s also a pretty easy way to infuse some pattern, texture, or color. 

AERIAL SHOT! I was really excited to be able to do this from the second floor. No ladder needed.


That piece of art plus the green stools tie the kitchen and living room together and I love it.


The lighting in this picture turned out weird because the lighting in the kitchen and the living room is completely different. I wish I knew how to use those light diffuser things. One day, mi amigos, one day.

Kitch! We added the backsplash post construction and I know I’ve talked about it here at some point. Turned out lovely. Tiny bit of green that I likes a lot.


I had that window cushion made and also a matching valance that you can’t see in my pics. I’ll probably have to try and capture it next time.


I’m back to the coffee table because I like it.


And another one. check out them chairs, yo.


Ain’t it grand? Hope you enjoyed, dearies, and I’ll see you next Wednesday or so to show the rest.

Love the CRAP outta everything!


Texas befores…

So… this is awkward… technically it’s still Wednesday tho right?

I realized that I hadn’t shown you all a ton of before pictures on the space in Texas. I, at some point, even had pictures from during construction but somehow I lost them and by lost I mean deleted. Here is a very very before pic:


Look! No house!


Look! House! That’s pretty much all the construction pictures that I have. Sorry. I really AM working on myself….

I got some before’s here and I promise promise promise there will be afters on Friday. DAY. So these pictures obviously happened once construction was completed and while you’ll still get a pretty satisfying before-and-after effect, it won’t be NEARLY as dramatic.


This the stairway that you see directly upon entering.


This is one of two home office spaces.


Master bedroom. It’s so much bigger than it looks here…


Weirdly yellow picture of the master bath…


Living room. This is one of my favorite spaces. Look at all that light!!!!


Now several of the kitchen. We added back-splash, eating area, appliances, etc…


(My blue Rebecca Minkoff purse give me chills, guys. CHILLS.)


This there are more space. SO many more spaces but I haven’t gotten to them all thee are just the pictures I’ll be showing you on FriDAY. Until then?

Love the CRAP outta everything!


Back in the action….

Miss me boos?

Last week was insane. My life is currently insane. In optimistic and maybe soon-to-be awesome ways. Anyhoo, Monday inspiration:


Anybody notice this pic is new and not yet in my portfolio?! Yeah, I didn’t think anyone would. Well it is. Wednesday I’ll show you the rest.

Love the CRAP outta everything!


Sensing a theme….

Today’s quote:

I don’t have a rhyme or reason for how I pick Monday quotes. I flip through a bunch until one jumps out. For the last few weeks a lot of my quotes have dealt with fear and risk and fear. Every new opportunity means fear of the new and risking the loss of the comfortable. Successful people don’t depend on comfort. Neither will I. 

Love the crap outta everything!


Poehler the wise…

Hey all,

I spent the weekend eating and drinking and catching up with amazing friends and it has me feeling, not only buoyant, but thankful and today’s quote relates directly.


And here is the original I made using PICSTITCH and Quipo:


Makes me happy. My friends are awesome if only for the boost they give on the regular. They are inspiring and intimidating and I love them.

Love he crap out everything!


They’re doin’ it right!

Happy Friday lovelies!

I’m here again talking about Joss and Main. Seriously, they should pay me because I am ALWAYS talking about or sourcing their goodies. All of the pieces on my collage are currently on their site but remember to check them out soon because the good and the bad of a flash sale site is that nothing stays for long. That said, I want all of it. I need a second house. I NEED to be rich. Both of these are just barely out of my reach. I’m kidding, I’m poor.


I’ve been really digging feminine neutrals, pinks, rose golds, and latte colored leather lately. Sigh, I NEED a new client who’ll pay me to explore this, who’s in?!

Love the CRAP outta everything!


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Fauxdenzas much?

Happy Hump day!

I’m here today talking about another project that I started, never finished, and may now be morphing into an altogether new project.

I need storage for my business bad. Over a year ago I bought a couple of the Akurum shelves from Ikea. Ikea apparently doesn’t sell them anymore but they do have these. Anyhoo, I was thinking I’d mount them over my desk like so:

overhead storage

Well as time went on- by time I mean at LEAST a year and a half- I just can’t shake the feeling that I don’t want anything that substantial over my head. Plus, I kind of like pinning up the things I’m currently working on like so:


So now I’m thinking about a fauxdenza. Again. Originally coined by Anna over at DoorSixteen. Here’s the one she built in her home and here’s her how-to:

ds faux

Then there’s this guy over at Brick House:

brickhouse faux

And this is my crude pic of how it would be placed.


I’m thinking I might like this better. I get the storage I need, and have long since paid for, but I also get a fauxdenza for the MANY very few dinner parties I have.

I have thoughts on paint too… I feel like I’m forever painting my house.

More to come. Until then love the CRAP outta everything!